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So, this is just a place to dump things I want to say but maybe nobody will ever read lol. I am a biblical Christian, who believes that faith in Jesus Christ, who is the manifestation of the infinite, outside-of-time God, provides salvation and eternal life. ^_^ I love everybody and wish we would all accept salvation; I don't want anybody to be left out of eternal life. 

Obviously a lot of people have opinions, strong and otherwise, that differ greatly from mine. But I really think I've got some insights that people need to hear, into why the Bible is true, etc. 

My main areas of expertise are logic and the ways we use the English language in debate. I'm not a scientist, though I am a physics geek who tries to understand everything, read everything I can, etc. The main purpose for this site is so that people who know me online who are curious to learn more about my beliefs and the reasons behind them can find this site and learn more. :)

One of my lifelong dreams has been to someday run a forum-style site that is open to serious, logical truthseeking on any issue, but this is not that site. I don't have time to run it and probably nowhere near enough people have heard of me anyways to populate such a site, but maybe this is sorta a step in the right direction.

For now, if you wish to communicate with me about things brought up on this site, beyond blog comments, please email me at (Note I rarely actually check my email though. :P) Thanks.

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