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Posted by bonesiii on September 19, 2013 at 6:20 AM

Two sites I have been planning for a long time have just been launched (for now still using, although very little is on them so far. Both are technically blogs, but I'm using them for much more specific purposes than this blog.

The first is:

The "Lingua Bible" is my attempt to use a simple, universal spelling-pronunciation system to (eventually, maybe) have the entire Bible (the ESV) with the names and some other words being much more accurate to the source languages, especially Hebrew. Primary source for the pronunciations is

It also uses the "toledoth" (colophons) theory for Genesis, and re-groups a few other parts, such as listing the Psalms and Proverbs by author, or grouping the Minor Prophets as part of a collection called The Twelve as is done in the Tanakh. These groupings and "book" versus "collection" labels should not be taken as certain. Some of the more confusing verses have grayed-out, bracketed explanatory notes, as well as some points of interest. For now I'm also graying out the verse numbers too.

Note that the new version of the spelling scheme ends up with names a bit different from the preliminary entry I did here about Bible names. Due to space considerations, the vast majority of the Bible will only be offered in PDF form but some of the most crucial parts to understanding the Bible as a whole will be both PDFs and on the blog.

The second is:

Whenever I find time, I intend the main purpose of this site to be the Word series of blog entries that I've been planning for a while now, and will likely be way to long to include here. I also want it to be a place I can link to freely from anywhere without worrying about what spam/troll/etc. comments people might run into (both sites), so comments have been disabled, but my email is still provided. I'll probably link to each from the other when they're more developed.

I also hope to use it for entries on common misconceptions, especially about specific verses, such as the only one I've got up so far as of posting this entry. I also plan to move my "Wacky Theories" such as the Cain's line theory there. If I ever get around to finishing my origins essay I'll probably repost that as a third page on that site. This old site I'll continue to use for drafts, off-topic content, and to allow open comments for anyone who happens to find it, etc. I will try to occasionally do roundup entries here linking to several completed entries on both of those sites.

For now, here are the entries that are completed:

Lingua Bible:

Book of Baara (Creation)

Book of Adaam (Garden, Fall, Cain & Abel, and Cain's descendants):

Book of No'eakh (Noah's genealogy, all flesh violent, and God's decision):

Book of Beynym No'eakh (Sons of Noah; Flood to Babel):

Word Context:

Nye's Moonshine:

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Reply bonesiii
5:11 PM on January 26, 2014 
TLhikan says...
Both of these blogs seem like great ideas.

Thanks. I think I'll be making a third for my more origins-focused blog entries, just so I can link to them without fear that spammers or worse are posting comments on them, but I'll keep this site around as a place where people who really want to comment might find. But for now no time as I'm focused on finishing my retelling of Bionicle. :)
Reply TLhikan
7:12 PM on November 18, 2013 
Both of these blogs seem like great ideas.

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