Questions for Atheists

Before I get to them, I want to be clear I'm a biblical creationist, and I have my own opinions after years of research into various views and trying to find the truth. Answers given in this survey may be used against atheism, assuming I am not convinced by the answers to change my mind (anything's possible). But I want to give people the chance to tell me what they believe instead of me just assuming I understand them correctly. And any conclusions I reach are my opinion; no offense is ever intended. :)

I plan to leave these questions open for a long time before giving my thoughts on the answers, and even then I'll probably leave them open. Hope someone happens to find this lol. My questions are largely aimed towards the self-described “new atheists” but any atheists or agnostics are invited to answer as well. If you're something similar but closer to theistic evolutionist that works too.

With each of these questions I want to hear why or why not.

Email answers to with subject line “Questions for Atheists Response”. How concise or detailed you want to get is totally up to you; whatever you feel is needed to be clear. To be clear the earlier questions are what I'm mostly interested, so if you want to get less detailed or skip later due to time constraints I understand (but I strongly urge you to try to answer them all).

Be aware your answers or portions of them may be posted online eventually (please refrain from language not suitable for young children, don't give out personal information, etc.). And if you wish to withhold your identity that's fine; best not to give last names anyways.

  1. Are you an atheist? Agnostic? Briefly sum up how you would label yourself and define some of your basic beliefs or leanings.

  2. Is it okay for atheists / evolutionists to lie or otherwise deceive in order to convince others?

  3. Is it okay to engage in word games specifically, in which words are defined in whatever is convenient to artificially make the debate seem in favor of atheist positions?

  4. Why CANNOT the biblical God exist, if you believe this?

  5. What is your understanding of the biblical God's nature and definition?

  6. Should logic and critical thinking be taught heavily in early education? Why do you think secular schools tend not to do this, while Christian curricula tend to?

  7. Does scorn really belong in science anyways? Consider that many ideas have been scorned before and later proven right.

  8. Do you want to live forever?

  9. What is your understanding of biblical concepts like eternal life, resurrection, love, penalties for sin, and what human beings are mainly intended for in terms of the creation?

  10. Do you blindly accept what you are told to believe in terms of anything, including evolution?

  11. Have you fairly considered that the Bible might be right (when interpreted carefully by rules of language, etc.) while other religions can be wrong? Or do you just lump all religions together so that you think the faults of other religions argue against the Bible?

  12. Do you use the common argument that religion leads to violence, hate, etc. and if so how do you square this with known examples of these things among atheists? (NOTE: In this one I think I should clarify that I believe the Bible, understood rightly, teaches that we should love, and that all hate and violence, other than some cases of physical self defense perhaps, stems from a rejection of the core message of the Bible.)

  13. Do you always use consistent standards for judging what to believe or what is right or wrong? Name some standards you believe should probably be applied universally, if any. Also, specifically how would you describe your process for deciding what to believe, both on everyday issues and larger issues like origins, and do you use the same process for both?

  14. What are your views of exploitation based on convincing people of views, for gains such as financial or to gain fame? With the Bible, with other religions, and with evolution / atheism? The charge is often leveled at the Bible and other religions, but do you think it might apply to atheism too?

  15. What are the strongest reasons in your opinion not to believe the Bible?

  16. Do you believe it's possible for an idea to seem silly or stupid and yet to also be true?

  17. What are your specific morals on a wider range of things, such as stealing, and what do you base them on?

  18. What is your understanding of the Bible's stance on morals related to unbelievers?

  19. Do you honestly think that your emotions sometimes sway your judgement? (Hint: Let me admit up front they definitely do sway me sometimes. :) No wrong answer here.) How often, give examples, and do you think it's possible they have swayed your decisions about origins, the Bible, salvation, etc.?

  20. Do you think biblical creationism is scientific? To any degree? What relation do you think it has with science?

  21. Do you feel that you have good self-control?

  22. Name some major examples of sources, whether famous or not, in your life for your information on origins, evolution, the Bible, and other religions. What do you pay fairly close attention to?

  23. What is your background in relation to religion, biblical creationism (if any), evolution, etc. including parents, church, guardians, education, friends, etc.?

  24. How would you explain the many evidences biblical creationists such as Answer in Genesis give that seem to fit better with the Bible than with evolution? List as many as you want with your answers.

  25. Do you have trouble admitting when you are wrong?

  26. What's your understanding of biblical miracles related to physics?

  27. CATCH-ALL – Any other comments you wish to give that don't fit in the above questions?

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